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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a world that we design?

As Hugh Jackman said “A Million Dreams Is All Its Gonna Take”

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The Window To My Mind

On the giant crust of EarthYou’ll find billions and billionsOf AbodesSome would be largeSome would be advancedSome like to keep it aestheticWhile some love it in a dark light Afar from all theseComplicated psychesWhich reside in thisThorny worldThere lives a mindBetween the fernsAnd the yellow sunlightBetween the sheltersOf large treesAnd a turquoise oceanWhose waves areMelodyContinue reading “The Window To My Mind”


Shakespeare saidIn his All the world’s a stage“All the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances” HeartlessMust be the creatureWho invented end of lifeFor such an experienceIs traumatic to the mind All the mortalsAre aware of this eventNone can escape itNone can fool it It could arriveAny secondAny minuteAny dayOr anyContinue reading “Inexorable”

Dear 2020

Dear 2020, You were an absolute disaster. Dont even get me started on the messes you’ve caused in everyone’s lives. From natural disasters to a pandemic to explosions, you set the entire world on fire. Honestly, people hate you. They blame you for every single problem in their life. Humans will curse you for theContinue reading “Dear 2020”

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